Contribution guide and fund details

What is SuperStream?

SuperStream is an Australian Government standard for processing superannuation data and payments electronically. It is part of the Government’s Stronger Super reform, which was designed to improve the efficiency of the superannuation system.

When do I need to be SuperStream compliant?

  • 20 or more employees (medium to large employer) – 30 June 2015
  • 19 or fewer employees (small employer) – 28 October 2016

What will I need to do to comply with SuperStream standards?

Do you have an employer plan with IOOF?

Transact (part of the IOOF Contribution Service) is our secure and easy to use online super contribution and administration system with clearing house facility.

You can find out more information about Transact or call our Transact help line on 1800 125 566.

Clearing house (preferred solution) if you use another superannuation fund as your default or primary super fund for your employees, you should ask them about any clearing house services they have available. If you use your default fund’s approved clearing house, they will be able to send contributions electronically to IOOF for employees who have chosen IOOF for their super.

A SuperStream compliant payroll system if you use a payroll system, please check with your system provider that it is SuperStream compliant.

ATO Small Business Clearing House employers with less than 20 employees or annual aggregated turnover of less than $2 million are able to use the ATO Small Business Clearing House.

Read more information about this option.